WWE RAW Season Premiere Preview- Major title match confirmed, Female member in The Hurt Business?

#5 Lana will challenge Asuka for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship

It would not be hyperbole to say that Lana is heading into the biggest match of her career when she takes on Asuka, who has carried the WWE RAW Women’s Division on her back for so many months now. In all likelihood, Asuka will mow Lana down but then again, nobody even expected Lana to be in this position, to begin with, so who knows? Maybe there is an actual upset in the WWE RAW Women’s division.

Would you guys be okay with Lana becoming the face of the WWE RAW Women’s Division? Let us know in the comments section right below.

#4 A whole host of newcomers will make WWE RAW their home

When Naomi was drafted to WWE RAW, MVP sent out this Tweet causing quite a stir on social media with people wondering if a female member will finally be added to The Hurt Business. There is no doubt at all that Naomi would be the perfect member for such a stable, and one has to wonder whether she will be recruited by MVP and his cohorts when she comes back to The Hurt Business, especially because RETRIBUTION has a female member as well.

WWE RAW lost a major heel in the form of Seth Rollins and one has to see whether AJ Styles is able to fill in the massive void left by him, by bolstering the mid-card and working with babyfaces that may potentially need a push. Matt Riddle is on WWE RAW as well, and one wonders if he’ll go for Bobby Lashley because of their backgrounds in MMA. And who will Sheamus go after, once he officially arrives on WWE RAW?

#3 Elias will play a concert for the ages on WWE RAW this week

Elias has snapped as a character and is in heel mode on WWE RAW, meaning that he will grace us with his musical ability as he gets personal about Jeff Hardy and his shortcomings. One has to believe that this segment will hit close to home again and touch upon Jeff Hardy’s issues with alcohol addiction since WWE likes to go to that well.

#2 Will Alexa Bliss join Bray Wyatt inside the Firefly Fun House on WWE RAW?

Last week on WWE RAW, we saw Andrade and Zelina Vega get attacked by The Fiend and Alexa Bliss. Will their reign of terror continue this week as well on WWE RAW? Or will we finally get to understand the motivation for the attack on WWE RAW last week, when the Firefly Fun House returns?

WWE.com has this to say about the upcoming segment:

Now, Wyatt is set to bring his demented Firefly Fun House to the red brand. As he sets to make an impact on Raw, what will Wyatt’s first message be?

It is very unlikely that Bray Wyatt will go for the WWE Championship right away because Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton is still very much a feud that is ongoing, and there’s always the chance that Randy Orton could become the next WWE Champion following Hell in a Cell. The Fiend may, in fact, choose to go after Randy Orton instead, in due time, someone he actually has a pretty interesting history with.

#1 WWE RAW will see 2 monstrous individuals clash

Yes, he did unfortunately come up short against Roman Reigns on SmackDown, but WWE RAW is a different story because Keith Lee and Braun Strowman are all set to renew their rivalry in a rather massive match to mark the big season premiere. In fact, Keith Lee even sent out a Tweet following Braun Strowman’s big loss on SmackDown, to hype up the upcoming WWE RAW contest.

What makes this contest unique is that even though both men are truly monstrous, there are few individuals not merely in the WWE RAW roster but on the face of the planet that move like these two.

Also, this is a really tough match to call because whoever takes the pin will slide down a few ranks in the WWE RAW hierarchy. Neither man can afford that at this point.

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